Re: ReiserFS / 2.4.6 / Data Corruption

From: Chris Wedgwood (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 16:57:21 EST

On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 01:48:03AM +0400, Hans Reiser wrote:

    I also don't consider any 2.4 prior to 2.4.4 to be stable, and I
    don't consider 2.4.4 to be especially stable but it is usable.

    Shipping 2.4.2 is something you and RedHat did for understandable
    marketing reasons. SuSE waited for 2.4.4.

This is a myth.

As has been explained --- RedHat does _NOT_ ship a stock
kernel. Redhat 2.4.2 is not the same as stock/linux 2.4.2 so you are
comparing apples with oranges.


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