Re: BUG at smp.c:481, 2.4.8-pre2

From: Justin T. Gibbs (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 14:29:05 EST

>In article <296370000.996508500@tiny> you write:
>>Ok, During boot on 2.4.8-pre2 I'm getting this oops just as it starts to
>>probe my aic7890 card. Andrea is cc'd because I'm guessing it is due to
>>one of his patches ;-)
>It's a sanity check, which I removed (because it's worse to panic in a
>2.4.x kernel than it is to have the sanity problem). But the sanity
>check does show that there is some problem in ahc_pci_map_registers():
>it calls "ioremap()" with interrupts disabled, which is rather broken.
>I don't know that driver well enough to understand why the heck it would
>keep interrupts disabled over apparently a _long_ stretch of time during
>probing. The irq disable code seems to be somewhere else..

At least in 6.2.0, interrupts are not disabled at all during the probe.
In fact the driver doesn't explicitly disable interrupts ever other
than by way of taking a spinlock. No spinlocks are held during this
portion of the probe. Instead, we disable the interrupt line on the card,
and don't enable it until the probe is complete. I haven't yet checked in
6.1.13, but this hasn't changed in a long time. I'd be surprised if the
behavior is any different. Perhaps interrupts are disabled higher in
the food chain?

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