Re: serial console and kernel 2.4

From: Stuart MacDonald (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 10:53:28 EST

From: "christophe barbé" <>
> "it works for me" is better that no answer for me. So Thank you for your
> answer.
> Reto give me a solution : because of a flag all incomming char are
> So now I need to find why this flag is ok for you and not for me.

The patch breaks the correct operation of the serial driver.
CREAD is the flag that enables/disables the rx side of the serial
port. The kernel or whatever service is trying to use the console
doesn't set CREAD, so rxed (incoming) characters are ignored.

You need to find out why the CREAD handling isn't done properly.
This has come up a number of times on lkml recently; you should
be able to find an appropriate answer or pointer in the right
direction by checking the archives.

Patching the driver breaks the driver instead of fixing the problem.


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