Re: What does "Neighbour table overflow" message indicate?

From: Bernd Eckenfels (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 08:55:24 EST

In article <01072821151103.01125@mercury.snydernet.lan> you wrote:
> if (net_ratelimit())
> printk("Neighbour table overflow.\n");

> The reference to "net_ratelimit" make me wonder if it is related to
> iptables. I am using iptable, and have since kernel 2.4.1, but I've seen
> these messages before. Hmmm.

Net ratelimit is used to limit the rate of messages or actions done by the
network module. In this case it only ensures, that the printk message is not
printed too often. The actual condition why the message is printed is above
this if.

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