Re: make rpm

From: Jean Charles Delepine (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 06:58:07 EST

Alan Cox <> écrivait (wrote) :

> I've been meaning to do this one for a while and I now have it working so
> that with my current -ac kernel working tree I can type
> make rpm
> and out puts kernel-2.4.7ac3-1.i386.rpm
> All this took was the pieces below.
> Anyone care to knock up a "make dpkg" to go with it ?

Maybe Herbert Xu, the actual developper of the Debian kernel package or
Manoj Srivastava, for the Debian Linux kernel package build scripts can
do that.

debian-devel, Herbert and Manoj are Cc-ed.

For those cc-ed who don't read linux-kernel, the entire thread can be read on,5&

              Jean Charles

Jean Charles Delépine - Équipe Réseaux Télécoms - Université de Picardie
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