Re: OK, let's try cleaning up another nit. Is anyone paying attention?

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 05:47:00 EST

Hi Alan, Eric.

>> That's the main thing I'm after right now -- I want to cut down on
>> the false positives in my orphaned-symbol reports so that the
>> bugs will stand out.

> Teach it to read a 'symbolstoignore' file.
> Part of the problem you are hitting right now is that most
architectures are
> not yet fully in sync with 2.4 nor likely to all be for another few

Not sure if it's relevant, but, I've enclosed (1) a bash script that
produces an analysis of the CONFIG_ variables in a specified Linux
kernel source tree, and (2) the results from running that on the 2.4.5
tree. It analyses all files matching '*.?' and '[Cc]' in the
specified tree, and reports on the results by summarising both how
many times each CONFIG_* variable is used total, which files it is
used in, and how many times it is used in each file.

Best wishes from Riley.

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