Re: "oversized" files

From: Rogier Wolff (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 03:17:56 EST

Alan Cox wrote:

> > I have a file that is approximately 3.25GB and my system keeps
> > bitching about "Value too large for defined data type." Is there
> > any way to stop this? Since I'm sure you're wondering why I have a
> > file that large, I'm using it via loopback as my MP3 partition, so I
> > can remove it fairly quick if the need should ever arise.
> You need a 2.4 kernel and you need to be using NFSv3 to handle files >2Gb

But the error message he posted is mostly from local apps. You need
a set of apps compiled with recent GLIBC to be able to handle files
bigger than 2G.


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