Re: ReiserFS / 2.4.6 / Data Corruption

From: Hans Reiser (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 12:45:07 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
> Hans Reiser wrote:
> >
> > Andrew, can you do this such that there is no disruption of our
> > disk format, and make a mount option
> > out of it, and probably we should use this patch....
> I'll defer to Chris :)

Yes, I'll let him think carefully through the details of how it affects ordering of the writes.

> There's no disruption to disk format - it just simulates
> the user typing `sync' at the right time. I think the
> concept is sound, and I'm sure Chris can find a more efficient
> way...

Oops, sorry, you changed the in-ram not the on-disk sb....

> > After you make a mount option out of it, grev will benchmark
> > it for us using the usual suite of benchmarks.
> >
> Ordered-data is a funny thing. Under heavy loads it tends
> to make a significant throughput difference - on ext3 it
> almost halves throughput wrt writeback mode.
> But this by no means indicates that writes are half as slow;
> what happens is that metadata-intensive workloads fill the
> journal up quickly, so the `sync' happens more frequently.
> Under normal workloads, or less metadata-intense workloads
> the difference is very small.
> During testing of that little patch I noted that the
> disk went crunch every thirty seconds or so, which is good.
> Presumably the reiserfs journal is larger, or more space-efficient.
> -

Thanks Andrew
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