Re: Select with device and stdin not working

From: M. Tavasti (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 08:20:31 EST

"M. Tavasti" <> writes:

> randomly makes select return. When looking from random.c, in 2.2.19
> poll_wait is called once, like this:
> poll_wait(file, &random_poll_wait, wait);
> And in 2.4.5:
> poll_wait(file, &random_read_wait, wait);
> poll_wait(file, &random_write_wait, wait);
> I think I got idea how to do it right, make one wait queue for poll,
> which is woken up when read OR write queue is woken up.

After testing with my own driver, using just one poll_wait doesn't
make difference in 2.4.5.

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