Re: [PATCH] add "autorun" interface to md

From: Neil Brown (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 20:34:58 EST

On Wednesday July 25, wrote:
> Any one out there working on the "md" driver?

Yes, I'm doing a fair bit.
If you are interested in the "md" driver, you really should join

With reguard to your patch, the short answer is that you really don't
want to do that (or atleast, I don't want to, and I think that you
should agree with me:-)

autorun/autodetect just doesn't belong in the kernel. It should be
done in user space. The only time the kernel should assemble a raid
array itself is for the root device, and this is best done with

If I could start with a clean slate, I would rip out the autodetect
stuff completely. But lots of people are depending on it so I cannot.

It is true that there is not currently any userlevel tool which does
the equivalent of autodetect, but there will be soon. It has been
mentioned on linux-raid and an announcement will go there when it is
ready for wider testing.

You can find the current pre-release at:

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