Re: Patch suggestion for proxy arp on shaper interface

From: Roberto Arcomano (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 19:34:07 EST

Il 20:54, mercoledý 25 luglio 2001, hai scritto:
> Hello!
> > As I said in my first message, I tested it with 2.4.6 and it "appears" (I
> > tested it in a very little net) to work well
> The patch works right, I think. But it is so utterly ugly and its scope
> is so narrow, that I do think this is acceptable.
> Actually, you may use CBQ instead it does not create problems of this
> kind. Seems, scripts to setup it can be found in LRP. I can send it,
> but I am not sure that my copy is the newest.
> Alexey

Please send me script you was talking about.
I know that CBQ is a more recent (and I guess better) method to limit
bandwidth, but I think also there are still many users of "shaper" device who
would want to avoid proxy arp problems.

Thank you for all
Best Regards
Roberto Arcomano
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