Re: user-mode port 0.44-2.4.7

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 14:12:05 EST

> Should head and tail be volatile in the definition, or should they be
> accessed with:
> int head = (volatile)myqueue.head;
> or with barrier() around the read/write?

The best way is to use barrier calls. It makes your assumptions about
ordering absolutely explicit. However you should still be careful - you
can't be sure that head will be read atomically or written atomically on
all processors eg if it was

                unsigned char head;
                unsigned char tail;
                char buf[256];

you would get some suprisingly unpleasant suprises on SMP Alpha. Currently
"int" is probably safe for all processors.

So unless this is a precision tuned fast path it is better to play safe with
this and use atomic_t or locking. The spinlock cost on an Athlon or a later
PIII is pretty good in most cases. Using the -ac prefetch stuff can make it
good in almost all cases, but thats probably a 2.5 thing for the generic

Basically locks are getting cheaper on x86, the suprises are getting more
interesting on non-x86

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