Re: ps2/ new data for mouse protocol (fwd msg attached)

From: James Simmons (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 11:08:11 EST

> > However, some mouse secrets from various sources I hacked in here:
> > -
> Very nice. I am currently looking for some info to solve a problem with
> thinkpads and logitech cordless mice over ps/2. Basicly the wheel doesnt
> work. Looking closer they dont respond to the imps/2 or mousemanps/2
> protocol. Since cordless mice are more common than thinkpads, I think the
> problem would be solved if it was with the mouse. So I am guessing the IBM
> defaults to just repeating standard ps/2 protocol, and you have to first
> trick that before you trick the mouse. Since it works in windows there IS a
> way...
> Where do I find the public available protocols, and the secrets? :)
> And for the list, who should I notify that I am working on autodetecting IBM
> thinkpad ps/2 repeaters in mouse driver?

Actually I'm interested in this work. We have input api drivers for PS/2
devices so it would be easy to add support. Any info would be helpfu to
expand the devices we support.

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