Re: Interesting disk throughput performance problem

From: Tim Schmielau (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 12:11:11 EST

Did you monitor network traffic for lost packets?

Just another wild guess: Considering the weakness of the VIA chipset,
maybe the NIC cannot do enough DMA during UDMA5 transfers.


> Hi. I'm running into some disk throughput issues that I can't explain.
> Hopefully someone reading this can offer an explanation.
> One of my machines is running 2.4.5 and has 2 hard drives: a 7200 rpm
> ATA100 Maxtor
> and a 5400 rpm ATA33 IBM. Each drive is a master on its own
> controller (AMI CMD649 as found on the IWill KT266-R). Both drives
> contain reiserfs 3.6x filesystems.
> By all local benchmarks, the 7200 rpm drive is the faster drive. But
> this doesn't seem to be the case for large files originating from remote
> clients.

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