Re: AMD-760 MP AGP Support

From: Jeff Hartmann (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 10:43:21 EST

Paul G. Allen wrote:

> Hello, I'm new to the list and I have a question (or two, or three, or... ;)
> I just purchased a Tyan K7 Thunder (Dual Athlon motherboard) and I am running dual 1.4GHz Athlons and a GeForce 3 on it. It appears that the current (2.4.7
> kernel) agpgart module does not directly support the AMD-760 MP chipset. I am planning upon modifying agpgart to support it. My question is: Is anyone already
> doing this? I don't want to re-create the wheel, I just want full support on this screaming fast system.

I have a pre production Tyan mb that I tested things on. It seemed to
work just fine with agp_try_unsupported=1. Please test it with
agp_try_unsupported on an actual production system to make sure, but if
it works just send me the output of lspci -vvv and I'll put it in the


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