Re: /boot partition creation

From: Anton Altaparmakov (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 09:21:29 EST

At 13:37 24/07/01, wrote:
> I am trying to install redhat 7.1 on my m/c that already has an 8.5gb
> win NT partition.
>During partition configuration, I cannot create /boot as it says that "/boot
>cannot be created after 8.5G"
>I know the reason.. but don't know the remedy

Please note that this is not really a kernel topic... so this is the wrong
list to ask... But anyway, I will try to give you a suggestion:

Try to install without making a separate /boot partition and leave yourself
some space for that. Then use the created boot floppy to get into your
linux install after finishing the installation if the normal boot process
doesn't work.

Then edit /etc/lilo.conf adding the lba32 parameter to the file. Then rerun
lilo and it should be able to boot fine from HD, the 8.5GB limit no longer
should matter. - This should work unless you have some old bios...

You can then just manually create a partition, mount it somewhere, copy
everything from /boot to it (cp -ar) then unmount it, rm -rf /boot, setup
/etc/fstab to the new partition mount as /boot and type mount /boot. It
should be all done. Then just rerun lilo and reboot to check it is all
fine. It should be. - Just make sure that creating the /boot partition
doesn't rename your other linux partitions and if it does, you need to
update /etc/fstab accordingly before you reboot...



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