Externally transparent routing

From: Jordi Verwer (jordiv@steva.nl)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 03:45:02 EST

Hello all,

To prevent my NAT-box from showing up on traceroutes I'd like to let it
route without decreasing the TTL. I was told that proxy arp also archieves
this, however I have no need for proxy arp per se and am also not completely
confident that that will do what I want. I also saw TTL decrease/increase
settings in the iptables mangling options, however I use 2.2 and would
rather not upgrade. So my question is: is this possible under 2.2 and if so,

Thanks in advance,
Jordi Verwer

P.S.: Please send me a CC of your reply, as I am not subscibed.

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