Status of NTFS support was Re: [PATCH] 2.4.7 More tiny NTFS fixes

From: Gabriel Rocha (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 18:26:36 EST

,----[ On Tue, Jul 24, at 12:14AM, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:
| Please apply below patch. It is against 2.4.7 and adds three more
|return checks (it is orthogonal to the one sent on Sunday).
`----[ End Quote ]---------------------------

Not that I understand what this means, I have no idea. But, I know that
NTFS used to be really poorly supported in the kernel. I have seen a few
patches to it ove rthe past couple of weeks and makes me wonder what the
status of it is now. Anyone care to comment? --gabe

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