a call to stop!!!

From: Dominick, David (David.Dominick@delta.com)
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 09:44:45 EST

See this?

Alan Cox Resigns USENIX Post Over DMCA Arrest
[ Censorship ] Posted by timothy on Sat 21 Jul 05:52PM
from the unintended-consequences dept.
1millionmhz writes: "NewsForge is reporting that Alan Cox has resigned from
his position on the USENIX ALS committee in protest of Dimitry Sklyarov's
arrest in Las Vegas. He is also urging non-US programmers to boycott
American computing conferences until the DMCA is overturned." Boy, aren't
you glad that the DMCA now has nine special units to prosecute hacking and
copyright violations? At least it will help keep the country safe from
programmers. Update: 07/22 01:05 AM by T: Yup, it's a dupe. Mea culpa -- I
missed it the first time. Worth dwelling on, though ;)

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