user-mode port 0.44-2.4.7

From: Jeff Dike (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 00:08:04 EST

The user-mode port of 2.4.7 is available.

In a minor packaging breakthrogh, a .deb for UML is now available.

The UML block driver now supports a read-write COW layer above a shared
read-only filesystem. This allows multiple UMLs to boot off the same
filesystem. See for
more information.

The ppc port is now fully merged.

The pid file and mconsole socket are now located in a directory defined
by the UML umid.

There is now IO memory emulation. This allows a host file to be mapped by a
UML driver, which can provide whatever interface it wants to that file to
UML processes. This is a first step towards doing hardware driver development
under UML.

gdbs are now killed properly.

A nasty bug involving a misunderstanding with FASTCALL was fixed.

Block devices and network devices are now pluggable from the mconsole - they
can be added to and removed from a running system. See for more information.

SIGHUP no longer causes UML to go crazy.

The project's home page is

Downloads are available at


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