Re: 2.4.7pre8aa1

From: Jeff Dike (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 22:49:42 EST said:
> I should have said "compiles" fine (not "works" fine :).

2.4.6 "works" fine :-)

I just finished fixing 2.4.7. My fixes are similar to yours (I moved
stext rather than moving .data.init).

> __initdata is broken in uml and the kernel deadlocks because the wait
> list is empty in complete() despite wait_for_completion actually
> registered correctly into it. This because wait_for_completion runs in
> a different address space than complete() and the virtual memory is
> not shared across the two address spaces (it is not rempped in a
> MAP_SHARED so it generates a cow). The registration is basically only
> private to the entity that is registrating and it will never get
> visible to the waker task that will do nothing. This is a severe bug
> not just for the completion code in 2.4.7.

Nice debugging, btw. I spent an hour this morning chasing that problem.

My 2.4.7 patch is available from the usual places:


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