NFSv3 pathname problems in 2.4 kernels

From: Gordon Lack (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 15:08:18 EST

   I am seeing a problem at the client side when trying to obtain pathnames of NFS-mounted entries. This occurs when the NFS servers involved are Linux2.4 kernels and the clients are SGI Irix 6.5 or Solaris 2.6 (Linux 2.4 clients are Ok - 2.2 ones won't be using NFSv3).

   As an example of what happens.

o The server side has a pathname of /raid/sources/prog1 - a directory.

o /raid is exported

o The client NFS mounts /raid/sources as /projects/sources

o I cd to /projects/sources/prog1 and type /bin/pwd

   I expect to get /projects/sources/prog1 as the result, but I actually get /sources/prog1.

   Similar mounts from Linux2.2. systems (presumably running NFSv2) produce the expected (correct) result.

   I've snoop'ed the network traffic and one thing I can see is that the filehandle used in the NFSv3 mount is reported as being a different length (shorter) than those for v2.


a) has anyone else encountered these problems?

b) if so, do they have a solution?

c) how is the filehandle calculated in the 2.4 kernel for NFSv3? Which routine is it in? Perhaps I could try (optionally) forcing it to be the same length as a v2 filehandle to see whether that fixes things. (I'd rather that the 2.4 kernel were optimally compatible rather than paranoically

   Hoping someone can help...
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