Re: 2.4.7: wtf is "ksoftirqd_CPU0"

From: peter k. (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 11:29:37 EST

> > i just installed 2.4.7, now a new process called "ksoftirqd_CPU0"
> > is started
> > automatically when booting (by the kernel obviously)? why? what
> > does it do?
> > i didnt find any useful information on it in linuxdoc / linux-kernel
> > archives
> It's the kernel soft IRQ daemon. It provides a context from which to
> execute 'slow' code that was triggered by an interrupt. There will be one
> per CPU.
> DS

why wasnt it run in previous kernels? im just wondering why it suddenly
appeared without anyone saying a word about it ;)

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