[2.4.6] USB thinks I've got 2 keyboards

From: Igmar Palsenberg (i.palsenberg@jdimedia.nl)
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 10:42:36 EST

A HP pavilion with a USB keyboard and mouse :

Kernel : 2.4.6

usb.c: registered new driver usbdevfs
usb.c: registered new driver hub
PCI: Found IRQ 9 for device 00:1f.2
PCI: Setting latency timer of device 00:1f.2 to 64
uhci.c: USB UHCI at I/O 0xa400, IRQ 9
usb.c: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 1
hub.c: USB hub found
hub.c: 2 ports detected
uhci.c: :USB Universal Host Controller Interface driver
usb.c: registered new driver hid
hid.c: v1.16:USB HID support drivers

hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/1, assigned device number 2
hub.c: USB hub found
hub.c: 3 ports detected
hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/2, assigned device number 3
hub.c: USB hub found
hub.c: 4 ports detected
hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/1/1, assigned device number 4
event0: Event device for input0
keybdev.c: Adding keyboard: input0
input0: USB HID v1.00 Keyboard [HP Multimedia Keyboard Hub] on usb1:4.0
event1: Event device for input1
keybdev.c: Adding keyboard: input1
input1: USB HID v1.00 Device [HP Multimedia Keyboard Hub] on usb1:4.1
hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/2/1, assigned device number 5
event2: Event device for input2
mouse0: PS/2 mouse device for input2
input2: USB HID v1.00 Mouse [Logitech] on usb1:5.0
keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?

input0 and input1 are the same device actually.



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