Re: [PATCH] PPPOE can kfree SKB twice (was Re: kernel panic problem. (smp, iptables?))

From: Rainer Clasen (
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 02:13:29 EST

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 08:58:32PM -0700, David S. Miller wrote:
> Initially we believed it might be some obscure bug in netfilter
> which got triggered more easily when the zerocopy stuff went in.
> But all of our code audits turned up nothing.
> Then I began to notice that "pppoe" was showing up in all the reports
> where the user actually bothered to mention what net devices the
> machine was using when it crashed.

well, I have no PPPoE running and my OOPSen look very similar. (see MsgId

I am using tulip, dummy, Ben Grear's dot1q VLAN devices and some ISDN
syncppp and ISDN rawip devices are configured (but not actively used),


KeyID=759975BD fingerprint=887A 4BE3 6AB7 EE3C 4AE0  B0E1 0556 E25A 7599 75BD
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