Re: [PATCH] Minor cleanup and export three functions

From: Anton Altaparmakov (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 21:03:58 EST

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Pete Zaitcev wrote:

> > This message is in MIME format. The first part should be readable text,
> > while the remaining parts are likely unreadable without MIME-aware tools.
> Quite so. Linus told you many times not to send patches
> in MIME and I happen to agree.
> > Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; name="patch-2.4.7-pre8-aia1"
> > Content-Transfer-Encoding: BASE64
> > Content-ID: <>
> > Content-Description:
> >
> > ZGlmZiAtdXJOIGxpbnV4LTIuNC43LXByZTgtdmFuaWxsYS9mcy9idWZmZXIu
> > YyBsaW51eC0yLjQuNy1wcmU4LXRuZy1tcnByb3Blci9mcy9idWZmZXIuYw0K
> >[.... lots of crap skipped ....]

I do appologize. I didn't realize pine would do this. In pine I can just
read the attachment as text and in Eudora it just appears as inlined
text without any indication of it being a separate attachment, so I just
assumed that it was sent clear text. Obviously not. <Stupid mailers. Grr.>

I will repost as soon as I manage to convince pine of it's wrong ways...

Best regards,


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