2.4.7-pre8 scc.c vector latch region allocation

From: Rob Turk (r.turk@chello.nl)
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 15:50:53 EST

This patch fixes a failure in the scc.c driver to properly allocate the I/O
region for the interrupt vector latch, which is present on some ham radio
SCC cards, such as the PA0HZP card.

Rob Turk - PE1KOX

begin 666 scc_vec.patch
M2G5L(#$Y(#(R.C0X.C V(#(P,#$**RLK(&QI;G5X+V1R:79E<G,O;F5T+VAA
M;7)A9&EO+W-C8RYC"51H=2!*=6P@,3D@,C Z-34Z-3@@,C P,0I 0" M,3<W
M-2PX("LQ-S<U+#@@0$ *( D)"0D)279E8UMH=V-F9RYI<G%=+G5S960@/2 Q
M.PH@"0D)?0H@"BT)"0EI9B H:'=C9F<N=F5C=&]R7VQA=&-H*2!["BT)"0D)
M=&]R(&QA=&-H(BDI"BL)"0EI9B H:'=C9F<N=F5C=&]R7VQA=&-H("8F("%6
M96-T;W)?3&%T8V@I('L**PD)"0EI9B H(7)E<75E<W1?<F5G:6]N*&AW8V9G
M+G9E8W1O<E]L871C:"P@,2P@(G-C8R!V96-T;W(@;&%T8V@B*2D*( D)"0D)
M<')I;G1K*$M%4DY?5T%23DE.1R B>C@U,S!D<G8Z('=A<FYI;F<L(&-A;FYO
M+B(L(&AW8V9G+G9E8W1O<E]L871C:"D["B )"0D)96QS90H@"0D)"0E696-T

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