Re: Request for comments

From: Francois Romieu (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 12:24:57 EST

Cornel Ciocirlan <> ecrit :
[heavy linux networking rewrite in sight]
> Is it useful at all ? Point b) above could be implemented in userspace
> (Actually I've done a basic skeleton a while ago). Are the others worth
> the trouble ?
> What do you gurus think ?

* Are you sure of where the cycles are spent when routing >> 20kpps ?
I have always been told that the lack of polling/batch processing kills
the software router.
* What against the (not widely used) CONFIG_NET_FASTROUTE ?
* <mantra> mpls is good </mantra> Did you browse mpls at
(and sourceforge for the current state of mpls-linux) ?
* IANAG but it looks like a wait for 2.5 project btw.

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