Re: Inclusion of zoned inactive/free shortage patch

From: Daniel Phillips (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 11:33:26 EST

On Thursday 19 July 2001 01:42, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> Yes. The inactive shortage needs to be a function of the length of
> the inactive_dirty queue rather than just the amount that free pages
> is less than some fixed minimum.

Oops, it already is, good :-]

> The target length of the
> inactive_dirty queue in turn can be a function of the global free
> shortage (which is where the minimum free numbers get used)

ditto, it's already that way...

> and the transfer rate of the disk(s).

This we don't do, and afaics, this is the only way to get stability
across a really wide range of loads, and on system configurations we
can't possibly pre-tune for.

> Again, experimental - without careful
> work a feedback mechanism like this could oscillate wildly. It's
> most probably the way forward in the long run though.
> --
> Daniel
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