Re: 2.4.6 and netboot

From: Joshua Schmidlkofer (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 11:10:51 EST

On Thursday 19 July 2001 06:26 am, Wakko Warner wrote:
> I'm using a kernel that is dd'd to a floppy to net boot linux on random
> machines. I noticed that 2.4.6 won't get it's IP from the server (it won't
> even attempt it). 2.4.4 works
> If any more info is needed, just ask.

Sine 2.4.4 I have been unable to make ipconfig automagically go, and I think
that this configuration is not supported. At least, with my limited
knowledge of how ipconfig works you must to pass: 'ipconfig=dhcp', or
ipconfig='bootp' to the kernel at boot time. I built a LILO disk, but
I think that syslinux would work. Also, I did eventually successfully get an
Xterminal running.

After 2.4.4 ipconfig was changed to the ipconfig= style of behaviour. I
don't know why, but someone does. I think it has to do with implementation
cahnges to allow for modularized NIC's to use ipautoconfig. This seems
insane that functionality was cut in order to do this.

Also, I have been unable to make bootp work for nfsboot, but I suspect my
bootp server - not the kernel.

BACK to the point. Since 2.4.5 I have had to use lilo, and add a line that
says 'nfs=[all that stuff] ipconfig=dhcp'

good luck.


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