[Q]: kernel: __alloc_pages: 3-order allocation failed.

From: Till Immanuel Patzschke (tip@internetwork-ag.de)
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 10:18:11 EST


I'm running a dual PIII, 3GB box (2.4.0.SuSE and 2.4.4.SuSE) getting the error
above, despite the fact the ~700MB are still available. In conjunction w/ the
log message I get fork failures (out of memory)...
I'm running 5500 processes having devices open and doing IP. Many of the
processes are pppds.

Is there any way to allow the kernel using more of the available memory
(tweaking constants etc.)...
[limits have been raised...]

Thanks for the help,


Till Immanuel Patzschke                 mailto: tip@internetwork-ag.de
interNetwork AG                         Phone:  +49-(0)611-1731-121
Bierstadter Str. 7                      Fax:    +49-(0)611-1731-31
D-65189 Wiesbaden                       Web:    http://www.internetwork-ag.de

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