Re: PCI hiccup installing Lucent/Orinoco carbus PCI adapter

From: David HM Spector (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 21:39:23 EST


It was very hard to get the info on whether or not the BIOS was allocating an
INT for the Orinoco PCI cardbus because it flies by so damned fast.
However, after (literally) taking a picture of the screen with a digital
camera (oy!!) I was able to determine that the BIOS is NOT allocating an
INT for this card.

Everything else is in the box seems to be allocated properly. I even removed
all but the video card just to make sure that it wasn't a resource constraint

My next step is to get 2.4.6 up to see if that patch fixes it, but my machine
keeps hanging up just after activating the swap space. Haven't figured that
one out yet, but I think it mught be a large memory problem as my
machine has 1GB of main memory.


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