Re: LDP / KDP?

From: John Levon (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 13:02:37 EST

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 09:36:48AM -0700, Charles Samuels wrote:

> _still_, I like my format more, it seems like it'd be much easier to search,
> and I think the format is much more ideal than docbook (which I have worked
> with)
> e.g., an example data file:

but docbook is not the inline docs format. DocBook is an /output/ of the hacky perl
script. You can write another hacky perl script to output in your format if you

> This documentation _is_ inline to the code (in the headers), generated via a
> perl script "kdoc".



"Voodoo Programming:  Things programmers do that they know shouldn't work but
 they try anyway, and which sometimes actually work, such as recompiling
	- Karl Lehenbauer
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