vmalloc and kiobuf questions ?

From: Rajeev Bector (rajeev_bector@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 12:46:12 EST

MM Gurus,
  In trying to understand how to map driver
memory into user space memory, I have the following

1) Is there a limit to how much memory
   I can allocate using vmalloc() ?
   (This is regular RAM)
2) I want to map the vmalloc'ed memory
   to user space via mmap(). I've read
   that remap_page_range() will not do it
   and I have to do it using nopage
   handlers ? Is that true ? Is there
   a simple answer to why is that the case ?

3) I've also read the kiobufs will simplify
   all this. Is there a documentation on
   kiobufs - what they can and cannot do ?
   Are kiobufs part of the standard kernel
   now ?
Thanks in advance for your answers !


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