From: gdrago23@yahoo.com
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 11:10:27 EST

Charles Samuels (charles@kde.org) wrote:
> I apologize for using the D-word, however, I've
> created some, so I think that makes it acceptable.
> But first, I was having a little fun kernel-hacking
> the other day, and I had noticed that every time I
> want information on function-X, I have to start
> grepping like hell, and it's even worse when I don't

> know the name of the function. What we needed was an

> API (KPI?) reference.
> So I made one.
> <blink><marquee> http://derkarl.org/kerneldoc/
> </marquee></blink>
> (It seems that 10% of europe can't get that domain:
> Obviously, it's not complete, in fact, if it were
> any less complete, I could call it the linux
> kernel :)
> The _real_ reason I post this message is, of course,

> for help. I'll be more than happy to accept new xml
> documentation files (the bottom of each page
> contains a link to the associated XML file, as an
> example).
> PS. I'm not on this mailing list (I'm on plenty,
> don't worry), so I'll be following it on the
> archives.
> -Charles

(I'm only quoting your whole message because I'm
cc'ing it to discuss@linuxdoc.org.)

Have you considered writing this as an LDP Guide?

* Harness the incredible power of a virtual army of
LDP volunteers. (Well, a virtual platoon...)
* The docs become print-ready as well.
* DocBook is a standard! Yay standards!
* Use the already-present distribution network the LDP
has in place.

* Your formatting looks spiffier than the LDP
* You'd have to rewrite what you have.
* DocBook is not tailored to your purposes.
* Multiple versions will exist throughout the world.

I believe it's an alternative worth considering. I'd
be willing to convert what you already have to

-adam buchbinder

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