Re: Adaptec 2400A

From: Art Boulatov (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 13:20:34 EST

On Tuesday 17 July 2001 10:58 pm, Ryan C. Bonham wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone been sucesfull in getting the Adaptec 2400A Raid card to work
> under the 2.4.X Kernel? I have Redhat 7.1, and have been uncesesfull in
> getting linux to install with support for this card. I have used the Beta
> Drivers(239) from adaptec and my system just locks when loading the
> drivers... Thanks for any help.

just by the way,
I was trying to set up both RAID5 and RAID0 with Adaptec 3400S ULTRA160 SCSI
RAID using the driver patch from their site for 2.4 kernel. Everything went
just FINE. The driver did what it was supposed to do and gave me no
errors. Except ocasionally, during reboot when the card's BIOS goes through
initialization it says I have 1-2 drives failed (could be random). I've
checked I guess everything I could. After the raid rebuild I could install
and run the system again for days without errors or bad symptoms at all.
Untill reboot. Not every reboot but _from_time_to_time_ it failed again.
I did that for several times.
I guess this problem should be forwarded to Adaptec support, but could
anybody please give some ideas, at least is that a buggy driver or a buggy


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