Right Semantics for ioremap, remap_page_range

From: Alexander Ehlert (alexander.ehlert@uni-tuebingen.de)
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 06:36:49 EST


I'm currently trying to write a linux kernel driver for an experimental
graphics board we're developing at our institute. It's fitted
with an plx9054 and got some sdram on board connected to the plx.
Now I come this far, that I actually detect the board, set some modes
and do an ioremap on pci_resource_start(pdev,2) which is the
base for 64Mb Ram Onboard. After ioremap() I actually like
to do remap_page_range through fileops/mmap call. I just copied
that code from drivers/char/mem.c, but just using the ioremapped
address as offset in remap_page_range, doesn't seem to work, instead
I think I just mmap some totally different area... Now, what do I have to
use for that offset? What I currently do in the init function is
something like that:

priv.pcibar2 = (char*)ioremap(pci_resource_start(pdev,2),

and later on in the mmap method I do:

static int mmap_plx9054(file, vma) {
unsigned long pcibase = (unsigned long)priv.pcibar2;
remap_page_range(vma->vma_start, pcibase, len, vma->vm_page_prot);

I just use pcibase as offset, anything wrong here?

Cheers, Alex

PS: Is there someone who knows about the plx9054?


Small things make base men proud. -- William Shakespeare, "Henry VI"

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