Kernel Documentation

From: Charles Samuels (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 15:24:42 EST

I apologize for using the D-word, however, I've created some, so I think that
makes it acceptable.

But first, I was having a little fun kernel-hacking the other day, and I had
noticed that every time I want information on function-X, I have to start
grepping like hell, and it's even worse when I don't know the name of the
function. What we needed was an API (KPI?) reference.

So I made one.

<blink><marquee> </marquee></blink>
(It seems that 10% of europe can't get that domain:

Obviously, it's not complete, in fact, if it were any less complete, I could
call it the linux kernel :)

The _real_ reason I post this message is, of course, for help. I'll be more
than happy to accept new xml documentation files (the bottom of each page
contains a link to the associated XML file, as an example).

PS. I'm not on this mailing list (I'm on plenty, don't worry), so I'll be
following it on the archives.

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