bug in asm/rwlock.h?

From: duane voth (duanev@interactivesi.com)
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 18:44:37 EST

I was looking at the symetry in rwlock.h and noticed this:

        #define __build_read_lock_ptr(rw, helper) \
                asm volatile(LOCK "subl $1,(%0)\n\t" \

        #define __build_read_lock_const(rw, helper) \
                asm volatile(LOCK "subl $1,%0\n\t" \

        #define __build_write_lock_ptr(rw, helper) \
                asm volatile(LOCK "subl $" RW_LOCK_BIAS_STR ",(%0)\n\t" \

        #define __build_write_lock_const(rw, helper) \
                asm volatile(LOCK "subl $" RW_LOCK_BIAS_STR ",(%0)\n\t" \

Why is %0 used indirectly in __build_write_lock_const?
Shouldn't it be

                asm volatile(LOCK "subl $" RW_LOCK_BIAS_STR ",%0\n\t" \

like in __build_read_lock_const?

It doesn't look like many people use __build_write_lock_const.


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