CS46XX Module with 2.4.6 kernel on IBM Thinkpad A20m

From: David Shepard (dshepard@wvu.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 08:31:20 EST

CS46XX Module with 2.4.6 kernel on IBM Thinkpad A20m-

The sound on this laptop works inconsistently. lsmod indicates that all
modules to operate this device are properly loaded(cs46xx, soundcore,
ac97_codec). Sound works fine for a given length of time. If you then
stop listening to say, an .mp3 on xmms, the program will sometimes
 exit with what sounds like an audible "spike". Any attempt to access
the audio immediately after this will end in failure, with the error
message "could not connect to device /dev/dsp". However if you wait a
while, it will work again. Sometimes. I recall this happening with an
older kernel version a while back as well, except the only way to fix
this problem back then was to restart the system. One of the options I
chose during kernel configuration was "use persistent dma buffers".

Just wondering if anyone knows what causes this.

David Shepard.

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