From: dean gaudet (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 18:20:30 EST

i was digging around for info on TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT and found this claim in
the thttpd mailing list archive:

> Alexey Kuznestov mentioned to me that on SMP servers, this option may
> not be desired as it creates a new contention point

is this still the case?

i haven't played with it yet, but i was going to add it to apache-2.0's
portability layer (which already has freebsd's SO_ACCEPTFILTER support).
is this one of those cases where kernel gurus would prefer me to put it
into apache-2.0 and turn it on regardless of the current performance
'cause you guys think you can fix it?

(lately i'm playing only with non-SMP boxes, and my viewpoint is kind of
biased :)


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