From: Andrea Arcangeli (andrea@suse.de)
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 11:44:20 EST

Diff between 2.4.7pre2aa1 and 2.4.7pre3aa1:

Only in 2.4.7pre2aa1: 00_3c59x-zerocopy-1
Only in 2.4.7pre3aa1: 00_3c59x-zerocopy-2

        Right fix for enabling zerocopy on highmem kernels.

        (nice to have)

Only in 2.4.7pre3aa1: 00_async-io-unlock-race-1

        Fix possible memory corruption due a race where
        the page can be unlocked under us and so the bh could
        be unlocked as well under us. Found it in -ac.


Only in 2.4.7pre2aa1: 00_ksoftirqd-7
Only in 2.4.7pre3aa1: 00_ksoftirqd-8

        Add the BUG() check, to be as strict as mainline (no functional
        differences for correct code).

        (nice to have)

Only in 2.4.7pre3aa1: 00_meminfo-wraparound-1

        Use long long in /proc/meminfo to avoid wrap arounds on >4G boxes.

        (nice to have)

Only in 2.4.7pre3aa1: 00_rawio-down_read-1

        Use read lock for rawio.

        (nice to have)

Only in 2.4.7pre2aa1: 00_vm-deadlock-fix-1
Only in 2.4.7pre2aa1: 00_xircom-serial-1

        Merged in mainline.

Only in 2.4.7pre2aa1: 10_blkdev-pagecache-4
Only in 2.4.7pre3aa1: 40_experimental

        Moved the 10_blkdev-pagecache-4 patch back into the
        40_experimental directory, don't apply it for
        production it's not ready yet, initrd is still broken
        (it will be fixed soon).

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