ASUS CUV4X-D Dual CPU's - Failure to boot...

From: Brian Dushaw (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 01:04:28 EST

Dear Kernel People,
   A friend of mine has a new PC with an ASUS CUV4X-D motherboard
and dual 1GHZ PIII's. We have installed RedHat 7.1. The original
RedHat SMP kernel (2.4.2) did not boot; it froze with some complaints
about APIC. The backup single processor kernel 2.4.2 booted o.k.,
however. The upgraded kernel from RedHat (2.4.3) also refused to boot
properly - the boot up will start and the screen will then go blank
before I can discern any informative messages. I also downloaded the
latest 2.4.6 kernel which had the identical problem, and then I also
applied the latest Alan-Cox patch for 2.4.6 which did not solve the
problem. The 2.4.6 kernel will boot when only a single processor
is used, however.
   The system is fairly basic - no sound card, ADAPTEC SCSI card (nothing
attached for now), 1 GB PC133 RAM, 2 60 GB IDE Harddrives (1 Maxtor, 1 IBM),
CD and CDRW, GeFORCE 2 MX video card, 3Com 3c59x ethernet and not much else.
   Specs for the motherboard are at:

   Any idea as to how we might get the dual processors to work? My next plan
is to compile the kernel without the Pentium III optimizations...



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