Re: [OT] Suitable Athlon Motherboard for Linux

From: Stephen M. Williams (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 22:52:59 EST

Seems to run fine here. I'm using a Tyan S2380 (600MHz pre-Thunderbird)
with the VIA KX-133 chipset, running Kernel 2.4.5

On 04 Jul 2001 19:49:50 +0100, Joseph Mathewson wrote:
> Having heard the various horror stories about the VIA PCI data corruption
> bugs, and watching one Via based machine destroy itself with a Mandrake 8.0
> 2.4.3, I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for an Athlon
> motherboard that works reliably under Linux (I don't think all the issues
> have been cleared up in the kernel yet?). There must be quite a few Linux
> Athlon users out there - what boards are you using and with what success?
> I can't see much alternative to Via chipsets in the Ahtlon market, other
> than all-in-one-graphics-sound-network jobbies that, from previous
> experience (namely the i810), are also best avoided.
> Joe.

Stephen Williams

* I've tried killing time, but it keeps making a comeback.

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