[PATCH] fix compile error in usb-ohci.c

From: Paul Mackerras (paulus@samba.org)
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 21:28:35 EST

The following patch fixes a trivial error in drivers/usb/usb-ohci.c,
where a missing argument to ohci_pci_suspend will cause a compile
error if you have powerbook support enabled.

Linus, please apply.


diff -urN linux/drivers/usb/usb-ohci.c pmac/drivers/usb/usb-ohci.c
--- linux/drivers/usb/usb-ohci.c Wed Jul 4 14:33:36 2001
+++ pmac/drivers/usb/usb-ohci.c Fri Jul 6 16:20:58 2001
@@ -2749,7 +2749,7 @@
                 switch (when) {
                 case PBOOK_SLEEP_NOW:
- ohci_pci_suspend (ohci->ohci_dev);
+ ohci_pci_suspend (ohci->ohci_dev, 3);
                 case PBOOK_WAKE:
                         ohci_pci_resume (ohci->ohci_dev);
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