RE: DMA memory limitation?

Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 10:56:47 EST

> The important thing is that pci_alloc_consistent and the other PCI DMA
> functions work as advertised on IA64. If you pass NULL to
> pci_alloc_consistent, IA64 should give you an ISA DMA-able
> address. If
> you don't, you get a 32-bit PCI DMA address. Use of GFP_DMA is a
> arch-specific detail, so don't let me confuse you there.

Until recently, on IA-64, pci_alloc_consistent() given a NULL pci_dev would
fault. It's been fixed in at least the most recent IA-64 patch.
pci_map_single() and pci_map_sg() still have the same problem, as they
dereference pci_dev w/o checking for NULL first.

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