[PATCH] Updates to Maestro{1,2,2E} driver -- multiple open of dsp, persistent buffers.

From: Daniel Pittman (daniel@rimspace.net)
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 04:16:40 EST

The attached patch modifies the kernel Maestro sound driver to add a
couple of features:

* open /dev/dsp many times, not /dev/dsp[0-3]
* persistent DMA buffers

This code has been well tested and has run for quite a long time with
stability and success on a number of Maestro-using computers.

The patch has the blessing of Zach Brown, the current maintainer, as far
as that goes -- but it's my own work. :)

It would be good if people could test this and let me know if they
encounter any problems. If not, I will submit it for inclusion in the
kernel proper soon.

The patch is against 2.4.7-pre3 but should apply successfully to version
2.4.6 or later.


Sweet is pleasure after pain.
        -- John Dryden,  _Alexander's Feast_, 1697

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