Re: pcmcia lockup inserting or removing cards in 2.4.5-ac{13,22}

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 23:53:16 EST

Trevor Hemsley wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Jul 2001 03:06:11, Erik Mouw <J.A.K.Mouw@ITS.TUDelft.NL>
> wrote:
> > Hmm, Cardbus and USB problems... you probably have both Cardbus and
> > i82365 support in your kernel configuration.
> Once I have the BIOS set to "cardbus/16 bit" instead of "auto-detect"
> I don't have a problem with having both Cardbus and i82365 support
> compiled in. If the BIOS is set to auto then the PCI tables don't have
> an IRQ specified and yenta.c uses IRQ 0!

Interesting... That sounds like the kernel's plug-n-play code isn't
doing its job.

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