Problems playing audio cds with ide-scsi installed.

From: Rick Hayner (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 20:15:01 EST

Hello to all.

I have the following setup.
tyan s1590s motherboard, 64mb ram, two ide ports on board, amdk63d

I am running debian linux using kernel 2.2.19.

I have a Ricoh MP7120 cdrw drive. This is an atapi drive. Because of
this I need to use the ide-scsi driver along with the sg driver.

I have no trouble at all writing audio or data cds using cdrecord.
The problem comes when I need to play an audio cd. If I have just
put the cd in the drive, any audio cd player works fine. However
after a stop command with either cdcd or cdtool, I must issue two cdcd
play commands in a row, or two cdplay commands in the case of cdtool
in order to get the cd to begin playing again.

The cdrw drive is on the secondary port and it is a master.

I have the following append command in lilo.conf
If I remove this command, and make /dev/cdrom point to /dev/hdc, the
problem disappears altogether. I've looked in every log file I can
find on the system and cannot find any error messages anywhere. The
audio cd players just don't do anything at all on the first play
command after a stop command. I've read the ide documentation, and
there is very little said about ide-scsi.

Does anyone have any idea as to what on earth is happening here?

Thanks for any help.


Rick Hayner
Member spebsqsa, Baritone Kalamazoo Mall City Chorus.
Amateur radio station wa8jqv
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