[OT] Maintainers master list: new idea

From: Marc Brekoo (m_brekoo@mailandnews.com)
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 17:52:07 EST

Hi there,

Sorry to bother you with this, but I have some new ideas to keep the
MAINTAINERS-file up-to-date. Currently, data in the file aren't up-to-date.
I had the following idea:

What if we create a website, where maintainers can verify and update their
records. Records could also be added, in case a new driver appears, or
removed if the code was obsoleted. The nice thing about this is that we can
send a mail to the maintainer when he hasn't updated his record for say, 6
months (as suggested in previous mails).

This way, patches to the original file could be sent to Linus on a regular
basis. MAINTAINERS would be UP TO DATE!!

Please give me some suggestions, or mail me for more details.

Marc Brekoo.

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